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Leadership Development is a key component of a comprehensive and competitive talent strategy.

Successful organizations realize effective leadership is an important source of competitive advantage. They know that increasing the capacity and capability of leaders at all levels positions the organization for greater success and sustainability.


Leadership is a Competitive Advantage

  • “Organizations with effective leadership talent outperform their peers.” – Global Leadership Forecast, 2018

  • “A good leadership development program can elevate the capability of leaders who have been in their roles for just one to two years to a level comparable to leaders who have been in their roles 10 years or more.” – The Conference Board and Development Dimensions International

  • “44% of managers say they felt unprepared for their role; 87% of front-line supervisors wished they had more training before becoming a manager.” – Grovo’s 2016 Research Study on the State of Management Development

  • “81 percent of people who report to a trained leader said they were more engaged in their jobs.” – DDI

  • “Only 14% of CEOs said they have the leadership talent to execute their strategy.” – Global Leadership Forecast, 2018

Tailored Solutions That Generate Results


Catalyst HCS believes learning and development is a dynamic process that works best when it cultivates creativity, encourages critical thinking, and provides opportunity for people to actively apply new skills. Our leadership coaching transforms leaders from great to exceptional with personalized support and guidance. During our leadership development training, we work with individuals and teams across all functions and levels in the organization to build and strengthen competencies that elevate performance and achieve business results. Clients value our collaborative approach that leverages existing knowledge and embraces real workplace examples that directly focus on their business needs and realities.

A Proven Partner


Clients value our senior leadership development programs because we put an emphasis on providing meaningful solutions that are flexible and tailored to meet their unique circumstances and needs. Taking the time to understand and define the dynamics of the organization and the needs of its leaders, we completely customize our leadership development programs so participants feel that the content is relevant to their roles while ensuring that they walk away with tools that are immediately applicable to what they do on the job.

Improve the effectiveness of your leaders so they can achieve better results

Effective leadership is a critical component of long-term organizational success. However, those leaders can be difficult to find. Rather than depending heavily on external hires, Catalyst’s seasoned leadership development consultants work with current and potential leaders within your team to steer them to organizational success. Our development and coaching services are designed to enhance leadership capabilities, foster organizational growth, and prepare potential leaders to step into those roles as their talents are developed.


Our effective leadership coaching and executive leadership development programs help develop, build, strengthen, and improve organizations and their talent. Contact us to learn how Catalyst HCS can help increase the capacity and capability of your leaders.

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