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Team and Organizational


Comprehensive Assessments you can trust

Our Comprehensive Assessment Services provide our client organizations with increased confidence and effectiveness in their recruitment, promotion, professional development, and organizational development strategies. At the same time, using employee and organizational assessments significantly decreases the risk of making bad decisions with respect to individuals or organizational initiatives. Our assessment expertise enables us to provide you with crucial insights into the leadership qualities, competencies, skills and traits of individuals so that you can make the best decisions.

Co Workers

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a personal matter for each individual. To significantly increase employee engagement, you need to understand the passions, motivations, and expectations of the individual. Our Individual Employee Engagement Assessment maps the individual employee's passions, motivations, expectations and the degree to which their expectations are perceived to be already being fulfilled.

Culture Assessment


Our cultural assessment report provides an overall snapshot of your organization’s current culture as viewed by employees, as well as details about the alignment between your current and preferred organizational culture and about the consistency of how your organization’s culture is viewed among employees.


With a greater understanding of current organizational culture, leadership is better able to make strategic decisions around how to best move forward to ensure cultural alignment and achieve organizational success. 

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